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Embroidery Digitizing

Our company, acmedigitizing ,is dedicated to providing all of our clients top quality embroidery digitizing service,aiming at perfect production.Our experienced and artistically superior digitizing can interpret your designs with great insight. The persevering attitude and commitment of our digitizers have always created the finest quality designs with intricate detail. Quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction have always been and remains our top priority.We are here to offer services just like your in-house digitizing with edits done at great speed. Our designs stand out from the rest and help you accelerate and maintain the quality of your business. We never sacrifice quality for the sake of quantity. All of our world-class designs are proportionate to the required amount of stitches with a small amount of thread trims and color changes ensuring smooth running ability .

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only $3.00/1000 stitches with perfect quality


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We believe in your eyes and you will be impressed by our special acmedigitizing.


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